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Dubs special holiday hours are as follows:

Christmas Eve: 11am-3pm

Christmas Day: Closed

New Years Eve: 11am-5pm

New Years Day: Closed

Dubs will be operating at 20% capacity during the Alameda County ordered shelter in place.
If you cannot wear a mask, please stay home.
We do not have a start date for in-person lessons. If you'd like information on virtual learning, please contact us
Stay home, stay safe, rock on! 
Holiday Hours
Monday-Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: day of rest
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Tara, you're brilliant.
-Dan G.
Tara - The whole family here in WC is loving your email humor!!
-Kathy S.
Great email! Lol Love, Mom
-Mary R.
Your emails make me laugh in bed. Keep em' coming, Tara.
-Sylvia T.
Why not show some guys, dancing, and acting like sex objects? Even flashing some privates! I know, most drummers are guys. No need to objectify half the human race to sell some drums! The drums will sell themselves. Thank you for thinking!
-Cynthia W