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Here at Dubs, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Every month-ish, we like to update our fans via carefully tailored emails by a consummate professional. If you need a good laugh, look no further and scroll to your little heart's content. And make sure you read all the way to the bottom...

What. A. Year.

2022 was THICCC. We had a remodel, found many dirty pillows, lost one phone and nearly lost our minds watching Dua Lipa. Here's a recap...Dubs style.

Spring cleaning came early this year. We did away with a wall and some counters, giving us a very open concept feeling. Perfect for those clinics we used to have. Remember??


Love month was cookin'! Our buddy, Jerwayne got his dream Gretsch kit & and some dude played Darren's tubs. #ohmygadd

Dubs, 6th birthday came in March and we said "I DUA" to our first concert since the pandemic started. And some rad kids came to the store too...


We fooled around and found out in April. Darren found a new disguise, our towels got dirrrty and we FINALLY sold the Batman kit. I LOVE YOU, VINCE!!

Darren did some ugly crying this Spring/Summer as he watched his only child, Claire, graduate from high and head off to college at Western Oregon. How he birthed such a great child is a mystery to all of us.


Darren and Tara were grounded from hanging out together after A LOT of August shenanigans. Lost phones, hot dances and many a beers made us overdose on Ibuprofen and Gatorade. 

I'm just gonna leave this right here....


Tara turned the big 42 in October and was granted permission to hangout with Darren again! And another dude played Darren's drum set...Weckman was his name, I think.


Running Man was doing God's work in November when he ran the NYC Marathon for St. Jude Children's hospital. Thanks to all you Dubsters, we raised $6325 for children's cancer research. Thank YOU!

We closed out the year with a bang. December marked our busiest month to date and boy, did we celebrate! Shuffle board & shots, courtesy of our local watering hole, The Back Lounge. Thanks to all the customers who made this year our best ever! 
January 10th - National Houseplant Appreciation Day
January 14th - National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 22nd - National Answer Your Cat's Question Day
January 24th - Compliment Day
January 27th - Fun at Work Day*** Party you say??

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I HATE Dua Lipa but LOVE leaving my dirty pillows in bass drums.
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*Honestly, I'm pretty stoked for 2023. I'm manifesting more hot pants, less cold wars and a moderate amount of alcohol consumption. Oh! And Darren and I are committed to a 1 phone year...We shall see.
Hold on to your hotrods, Dubsters. I'm gonna be delivering this email hot n' ready every month. R U READY??
February 2023

We are twerkin' and werkin' here at Dubs!

Well, we thought there'd be a post holiday lull in January, but boy were we wrong! Y'all been buying drums like Darren buys salads...on the daily! But we are taking it in stride. DarraLipa took a much needed, slightly deserved vacation to Cambria. 


Love is in the air and we have gifts for the special drummer in your life. 

Tara, I cat even start with the drummer gifts. I know nothing, can you halp?

Of course! We are professionals here at Dubs and our knowledge is out of this world.
It's Monday, February 13th at 5pm, Oprah came through Dubs and bought all our inventory and you haven't bought sh!t. Have no fear! We have gift certificates that never expire and make you seem like a hero.
February Special Dates
February 3rd - National Working Naked Day
February 9th - National Pizza Day
February 17th - Champion Crab Race Day
February 22nd - National Margarita Day
February 23rd - Curling is Cool Day

Cooler than Tara? Meh. Cooler than Darren? Absolutely. One of our longest standing customers, Dan Hertlein, has an amazing YouTube channel where he provides tips & tricks for the gigging drummer. He also compares his 90,000 drum sets. Jkjk it's only 9. Check him out and please subscribe!

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*For the 9,696,969 time, Darren and I are not married. Y'all must love your spouses a lot to think a husband and wife would enjoying working + living together. The 30 plus hours I work a week is more than enough man I need in my life. *
MARCH 2023
It's a slam dunk when it comes to Dubs & Drums!
Slam dunk or slam drunk? The choice is yours.
Stumble into Dubs because we got drum sets galore! Bop kits? Check. Collector's Series in yummy yellow? Check. Stage Customs? All day long, baby. Our deals will get you as intoxicated as Darren after two Coors Light cans.
Tara, I have plenty o' drum sets, how dem snare racks lookin'?
Our snare selection is thicc'r than a dirty bass drum pillow! We have snares made from all different types of materials. You'll leave the shop with a shiny new tub and your bandmates will be saying "Yo, check dat brass!"

At Dubs, everything runs

in the family!

Like mother like daughter? Pretty much. With skin as white as milk and a mouth like a sailor, the apple did not fall far from the tree. At all. Here's a couple pictures of my then 87 year old Grandma R and my spry mom (aka Old Bag aka OB) at some past St. Patrick's day celebrations. **PRO TIP: Zoom in for some A+ reactions.
We can't stop dancing because Dubs just had its 7 year anniversary! Can you believe it?? Thanks to all our customers & teachers for contributing to our success. Without you, I'd still be in corporate retail and D-Train would be driving around a Boxster (w/auto trans, ewww)
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*FYI when you say "cymbal" to your phone, it actually types Prince* 

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*7 years, sheesh! What a ride! The real question is how did Darrick survive without me for the first year? Drumsticks piled on the countertops, drum heads stacked to the ceiling, cymbals hanging from hangers, lessons in the bathroom! Ok, ok, I got a little dramatic there but you know what I mean. We are definitely Yin & Yang and it's been working this long, eh?*
MAY 2023

The Warriors extended their playoff run, so Dubs is extending the capacity of our 2 Todd Sucherman master classes!

You read correctly, Dubsters. We've added 5 seats to each night of the master classes. We are super stoked to get y'all back in the store to get learnt.   
Tara, I'm over the moon about these added seats. How can I register ASAP?

We have many-a-options!

#1) Give the shop a jingle and registering over the phone. 
B) Shimmy on ova to the shop and register in-person. (WARNING: Tara will likely be eating while Darren is updating the Tik Toks.
Lastly) register online by clicking the link below.
Master Class Registration
Teacher feature

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest teacher, Kyle Caprista! Kyle will be teaching on Sundays, even though the retail side of the shop is still closed and is taking new students. Mosey on over to our website, check out his bio & send us a lesson inquiry. Our teachers are so hot rn and their schedules fill up faster than our voicemail box.
Pipe dream? Probably. But a girl can dream, can't she? It's fine. As a lifelong Mets fan, disappointment is my middle name. Luckily, I'm not a Jets fan but I'm here for the dumpster fire that is Aaron Rodgers.
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"The Jets are an Aaron Rodgers away from the Super Bowl, how dare you!"
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*Dear Lord in Heaven or wherever,*

Please, please, please make sure the Devils beat the living snot out of the Rangers tonight and advance to the conference semifinals. I know, I know, they're called "The Devils" but I promise, they are a fine group of young lads, living out their dreams as professional hockey players. It's no knock on you..::fist bump::..

Tara Ann

Take Pride in your life!

Here at the Drum Basement o'Dubs, we love what we do. Our job, our friends, our extra circular activities. And nothing says love like being interviewed on a podcast about a job you love.


Long Term Customer Relationships

When I was asked to do this interview, I jumped at the chance to shamelessly promote the shop while simultaneously advancing my brand. I also knew it would make my mom really, really happy.
What does the podcast focus on? YOU! I drop some knowledge bombs about customer connection and retention. I also dabble in the exponential benefits of not taking yourself so seriously. 

Tara, you're famous and I want an autograph. Did you listen to/watch the podcast?

Absolutely, yes. You can have an autograph. And absolutely no. I hate the sound of my own voice and the thought of watching AND listening to an interview of myself makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
It's summer time and we wanna know...


That's "Down To Farmers' market", silly!

Darren and I love few things more than drinking and watching live music. Starting June 15th, the Dublin Farmers' Market will be hosting live music from 6pm-8pm! Come find us rollin' around in the grass! June 22nd, our infamous teacher, Dan Garvin will be playing and July 6th, one of our fav customers, Dan Hertlein will be tappin' dem tubs.

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Pale Pink: IN. Neon Green: IN. You can't be seen if you blend in, right?