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JUNE 2022

It's been too long, Dubsters!

If you like it then you should've put a ring on it..

Big ups to the Warriors for bringing home their 6th championship! As a Knicks fan, I'm not bitter at all...I swear...But do any of you really watch sports? Or do you just like the color blue? #itbringsoutmyeyes
While people have been out, celebrating the Warriors great success, Darren and I have been taking in a TON of gear!
Tara, I thought Dubs only did consignment and trade-in for gear. Why did you start buying used gear?

Great question, figment of my imagination.
Getting new gear in the shop has been harder than trying to get Darren to eat a 3 course meal. Between labor shortages and supply chain conundrums, it's been a stressful 6 months to say the least.  
This means our inventory is changing on the daily, but Tara is trying mildly hard to keep the website updated with all our current drum sets. Click here to check out what we might have.
I'd love to answer this question but like most things the past two years, I cannot predict the future. Let's say...

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"I'm the person who sent you to the principle's office in 7th grade for wearing a Spuds McKenzie shirt and got chewed out by your mom." It'd be a good idea to
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*I know, I know, it's been awhile. I've had a lot going on, ok? It's very busy juggling the drum shop, DJing and being Darren's personal assistant/therapist/beer companion. Plus, it's summertime, yo! All the concerts! All the festivals! If you have any recommendations/tickets, send them my way!*
August 2022

Hot girl summer is in full swing!

We hope you are enjoying this hot, hot summer because back to school is right around the corner!
Tara, I've spent my hot girl/boy summer everywhere, but on my drum set. Does Dubs still have lesson spots open?

Why yes, you vacationing mad woman/man! Starting September 1st, Dubs will have lessons 7 days a week! 
Our teachers are the best, and their schedules fill up faster than Darren eating a banana after spin class. 
Get me on your lesson list right meow!
Don't forget, we have all your back to school needs! Drum sticks, drum heads, mallets, OH MY! We just got a boat load of practice pads AND stands so no excuses, people! Get 'em while they're hot!! (and in stock)
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"Hot girl summer is offensive and I prefer cold cat winter..."
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*Well this summer has been interesting to say the least..price increases galore, product shortages up the wahzoo and Darren still has that damn 4Runner. Me? I'm waiting for the VW electric bus to come out so I can put it on airbags so my dogs can trot right out like they're on the Savage x Fenty runway.

What's tall, skinny and runs like a baby giraffe?


I'm sure you've seen DP galloping around town, training for his marathon. This time around, it's the New York City Marathon November 6th, but some things never change...and they shouldn't! Darren of Dublin, once again, is running to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. #godswork

Tara, I would love to contribute to Saint Darren's run. How can I help?

Well, first off, you can bring me food & beer while he's gone. Secondly, we will have a series of some super special drum stuffs for purchase with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Saint Darren, I mean St. Jude.

Our first of many items!

This absolutely stunning steam bent hard rock maple snare drum from local builder Brooks Drum Co. Big ups to Mike Damico, founder of Brooks Drum Co. for creating this absolute masterpiece of a snare drum. 
Click the button below for all the deets!
Wanna donate straight to the cause? Check out Darradiddle's freshly launched St. Jude Charity page below!
Darradiddle's Donation page
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*Darren is rushing me to finish this so I apologize if this does not meet your normal "Tara email" standards*

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Nope, but the computers are:

Wow, Tara. You could've put a little more effort into this email. SHAME!
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*I hate being rushed....I am an arTIST, Darren! No, but really, I am. I draw really well sometimes when I want to which is not right now k thx bye*


Ohh Ohh Baby, it's everyone's favorite shopping day of the year!

It's that time of year again, my little Toy Soldiers! Dubs has all your needs for the perfect drummer's holiday!

Yamaha Stage & Tour Customs

All in-stock Yamaha Stage & Tour Customs
15% OFF

Zildjian Low Volume Cymbal Packs

All in-stock Zildjian Low Volume Cymbal Packs 
15% OFF

Tara, what if I buy a Stage Custom AND the Zildjian Low Volume Cymbals?

Buy BOTH and receive 20% off!

Wow! That deal is Heaven on Earth!
Don't worry, we also have full volume cymbals on special that are Hot as Ice from Sabian!
Got an e-kit on your Radar? These NU-X Electronic Drum Sets are 10% off
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Electronic Gift Cards are cool too:

"I want a trombone and my favorite Britney album is Britney Jean." Ohhhhh you Freakshow, why don't you
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Yes. I did have someone call about trombone rentals today, I am NOT joking. And I know favorite albums are subjective but c'mon guys, Blackout is BY FAR her best album and it's not even close.

SanTara says, "Don't delay, we still have stuff that sleighs!"

Lookin' to slide some last minute gifts under the tree?

No problem! We still have snare drums, cymbal packs and drum keys galore. Can't get lil drummer girl/boy to tell you what they want? Gift certificates are a great option for any picky/choosy drummer.

Wanna get your kid into drums but noise and price got you scared? We still have some of these NU-X DM210 electronic drum sets left and they aren't pricey! Come by and ask for the Taraffic discount! 
Tara ~ Procrastination is my middle name. What are your holiday hours?

Same, girl same. Unlucky for us, Christmas & New Year's Day fall on a Sunday so no change there. Darradiddle will be here to serve on the Eves of Christmas & New Year's. Please bring him bananas.

Christmas Eve - 11am - 3pm
Christmas Day - Closed
New Year's Eve - 11am - 3pm
New Year's Day - Closed

Looking for something to do Christmas Eve?

TaraBull will be DJing at Club 1220 in Walnut Creek Christmas Eve night. Come by and get your boogie on!

Cool kit alert!!

This just in! Ludwig 110th Anniversary Legacy Mahogany Van Buren Pro Beat Shell Pack. Complete with SKB hard cases, this sexy beast has barely been played and ready for a new home.

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Still waiting for my gift cards..:
6715 Dublin Blvd. Ste. K
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"Shaq is whack and no one wants to hear you DJ, Tara." Wow. How 'bout
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*What a f'in year, man. We've been busier than ever and have you to thank! And me. Mostly me, actually. We all know who does the heavy lifting around here and it's definitely not the marathon runner. It's this gal right here..::pats self on back::..::tries to chest bump herself but fails::.. *