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Here at Dubs, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Every month-ish, we like to update our fans via carefully tailored emails by a consummate professional. If you need a good laugh, look no further and scroll to your little heart's content. And make sure you read all the way to the bottom...

What. A. Year.

2022 was THICCC. We had a remodel, found many dirty pillows, lost one phone and nearly lost our minds watching Dua Lipa. Here's a recap...Dubs style.

Spring cleaning came early this year. We did away with a wall and some counters, giving us a very open concept feeling. Perfect for those clinics we used to have. Remember??


Love month was cookin'! Our buddy, Jerwayne got his dream Gretsch kit & and some dude played Darren's tubs. #ohmygadd

Dubs, 6th birthday came in March and we said "I DUA" to our first concert since the pandemic started. And some rad kids came to the store too...


We fooled around and found out in April. Darren found a new disguise, our towels got dirrrty and we FINALLY sold the Batman kit. I LOVE YOU, VINCE!!

Darren did some ugly crying this Spring/Summer as he watched his only child, Claire, graduate from high and head off to college at Western Oregon. How he birthed such a great child is a mystery to all of us.


Darren and Tara were grounded from hanging out together after A LOT of August shenanigans. Lost phones, hot dances and many a beers made us overdose on Ibuprofen and Gatorade. 

I'm just gonna leave this right here....


Tara turned the big 42 in October and was granted permission to hangout with Darren again! And another dude played Darren's drum set...Weckman was his name, I think.


Running Man was doing God's work in November when he ran the NYC Marathon for St. Jude Children's hospital. Thanks to all you Dubsters, we raised $6325 for children's cancer research. Thank YOU!

We closed out the year with a bang. December marked our busiest month to date and boy, did we celebrate! Shuffle board & shots, courtesy of our local watering hole, The Back Lounge. Thanks to all the customers who made this year our best ever! 
January 10th - National Houseplant Appreciation Day
January 14th - National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 22nd - National Answer Your Cat's Question Day
January 24th - Compliment Day
January 27th - Fun at Work Day*** Party you say??

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I HATE Dua Lipa but LOVE leaving my dirty pillows in bass drums.
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*Honestly, I'm pretty stoked for 2023. I'm manifesting more hot pants, less cold wars and a moderate amount of alcohol consumption. Oh! And Darren and I are committed to a 1 phone year...We shall see.
Hold on to your hotrods, Dubsters. I'm gonna be delivering this email hot n' ready every month. R U READY??
                      DECEMBER 2020
Ready to get the kids out of the house??
We can't wait to have everyone back in the store! We miss human contact/getting sick of each other's company.

Tara, what precautionary measures will you be taking to ensure the safety of students, teachers & staff?


Here's the lowdown on the lesson plan:

 We will be working diligently within the next month to provide a safe and healthy environment for teachers & students. All three lesson rooms will have air purification systems, masks will be provided to teachers & students (if needed) and hand sanitizer will be readily available. Here is a list of guidelines to ensure a safe teaching space:
  • Student’s temperature will be taken prior to the lesson by the teacher. Anyone over 99.1 will not be allowed to take their lesson.
  • Surfaces in the lesson room including the drums, music stands, door knobs, etc. will be sanitized between students. Teachers will have time in-between lessons to make sure everything is clean and ready for the next student.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times no exceptions.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the shop. Please communicate pick up/drop off time with your children. Parents may come in the store when the lesson is over but may not wait while the lesson is taking place. PLEASE make sure your child knows how to use a landline phone in case they need to get a hold of you and do not have a cell phone.
In addition to these steps, we will be outfitting the studios with brand, spanking new drums, hardware, and cymbals. w00t!
Interested in taking lessons at Dubs? Click the button below, fill out the lesson inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Hot 4 teachers
Production, ordering & shipping has been MURDERING special orders and inventory stock with pretty much all our vendors. Please be patient if something is not in stock. I'm no Jessica Fletcher and this problem cannot be solved in 60 minutes.
You've probably seen Christian in the shop from time to time when he's not on tour and he will now be teaching at Dubs! He currently tours the world with popular Celtic-Rock band Seven Nations, as well as many other International artists such as The Stepcrew (Canadian Dance Production) and The Family Crest (Orchestral Pop Band). Crisco brings over 30 years of playing experience and 20 years of full time touring tips and tricks into his teaching.
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"That woman looks ridiculous dancing and gyrating like that Billy Ray Miley Cyrus character."
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*Seriously guys, THAT is what growing up should look like. Dancing your heart out while looking the camera dead in the eye and not giving a funky primer about what anyone else thinks. UNINHIBITED.