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Wrap gettin' whack? Edges be rough? We gotchu, fam! Dubs services all you drum needs. Here's the low low:


  • Edges - Do your edges look like a dog used them as a chew toy? We can smooth our and cut those bearing edges back to their natural state or edge of your preference. 
  • Shell Cutting - Power toms were so 1992! Cut down that 11" x 10" to a more desirable 8" x 10" or disarm that cannon of a bass drum.
  • Hole Drilling - Mount & lugs, oh my! If you need some new holes drilled for all the fancy thangz, we got the right stuff to drill it.
  • Re-Wrap - Not the wrappers I'm constantly picking up at the shop. But re-wrapping that silver sparkle Gretsch you left in the sun a little too long over labor day.
  • Bass Drum Spurs - It's about time you updated those jalopy spurs! 
  • Rack Tom & Bass Drum Tom Mount - Sick of that RIMS mount? Snare stand choking your rack tom? We can flawlessly install a mount on your bass drum and get that rack tom off your stand and into the mount of your choice.
  • Floor Tom Mounts - Using zip ties to keep your floor tom legs from sliding through mounts is super unprofesh. Let's update those ratchet ol' mounts with something new because you fancy!
  • Custom Bass Drum Hoops - Hoop! There it is! Or is it? Hoops tend to wear over time and we can refinish them to their old selves. Need a totally new hoops with a special in-lay? Yup! We can route a fresh new hoop with your favorite in-lay, paint it and send you on your merry way! Want it lacquered? Oh we do that too but there is an up-charge.
  • Cymbal Cracks - Whitney said it; crack is whack! Especially on your cymbals. So if you're trying to salvage your favorite A Custom, we will cut out any cracks and make it your new fav cymbal. 


These services do not, I repeat, DO NOT include materials. If you are looking for specific parts and/or materials, let us know! We have the resources to get you exactly what you need.

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